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We moved to the area recently with our cat Pippa. We have just returned from holiday after nearly 2 weeks and Sherida looked after our Pippa marvellously and updating us regularly.

Sherida looked after our place well (watering plants, switching night time light on…) so we came back not only knowing that our Pippa was being pampered but also that the house hadn’t been empty for 2 weeks with Sherida coming twice a day.

We have had cat sitters previously but this is is first class service! Dealing with one person who also happens to be the person running the business is much better than dealing with an agency – which is what drew us to Sherida in the first place.

We cannot recommend Sherida enough.

Anna, Paul and Pippa

Sherida has been looking after our cats when we go away for the last few years and they absolutely adore her.
It is like a holiday for them as well because she looks after them a lot better than we do! Sherida brings toys for them to play with and spends lots of time cuddling and grooming them. We also have the added peace of mind knowing that someone is regularly checking the house while we are away and generally keeping an eye on things. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Jillian, Old Oxted

I’ve been relying on Sherida for about 3 years to look after my cat, and she does a fabulous job of taking care of him. She always seems to spend that extra bit of time sitting with him and making sure he’s happy and cared for (not to mention opening and closing our blinds and watering the odd plant). I cannot recommend Home-Sweet-Home Cat Sitting enough!

Fiona, Limpsfield Chart

We were lucky to find Sheri who has looked after our 2 cats (and our house) a few times now, and we are very happy at the care she gave our cats. I would recommend that anyone who wants care and attention to their animals whist they are away, should make contact with Sheri.

Maggie, Oxted

For several years now Sherida has looked after our two cats while we’re on holiday and has always been 100% reliable and responsible, even contacting me and taking one of my cats to the vet when he was unwell while she was in charge. Knowing she’s there allows me to take time away without worrying about them.

Marjorie, Old Oxted

We are so happy to have found Sherida. Our pussy cats are our family and knowing that they are happy and settled when we are away is very important to us. They adore Sherida because she spends time with them giving cuddles and grooming them. She has even been known to share a fish supper with them as a special treat! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Daniela, Oxted

Sherida is reliable, trustworthy and devoted to ensuring our family cat and pets are very well looked after when we are away on our holidays. We go away on holiday with 100% piece of mind knowing all is being cared for back home. Poor Sherida has had to deal with computers still being left on, washing machines coming on at odd times, doors not working, catching mice, putting out the rubbish, turning lights on and off …..and that’s all before playing with our family cat…who know Sherida as soon as her car appears in the drive….

Joanna, Oxted

It’s good to go away knowing that there is somebody who will look after our cat in a special way.

Gill, Oxted

My two cats Jesse and Bolt always look forward to spending time with Sherida when we are on holiday! They love the playtime Sherida spends with them each day and we always know they are in safe and caring hands, which means we can relax properly when we are away!

Emma, Oxted